The last decade has seen an enormous increase in orders throughout the world for large luxury yachts, these have come from private individuals and the management teams of multi-national companies. This trend to larger and more luxury finished craft, with their marine architect designed hulls; specialist interior design and advanced navigation and satellite communications equipment, has found a new breed of owner, the successful business person.

With virtually unlimited spending power only the best is acceptable for them.

To help fulfil a need, John Bertola has now specialising in the field of modelmaking for twenty five years and has built an international reputation, with designers and boat producers from around the world. He has had a long standing affinity and interest in ship building and sailing, while having crewed on many ocean racers throughout the sixties and seventies. With his previous photography and graphic art training his thirty years experience as a commercial artist and designer is now put to good use with an excellent eye for detail.

There’s no doubt that super models do create great miniature yachting art and will continue to give the owners years of pleasure with prices, which compared to paintings, make them excellent value.

Prices vary depending on the extent of detail required, from simple hull forms with enclosed cabins to models which open to feature complete interiors built accurately to the finest detail.

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